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 Evod Starter Kit just $34.99 - battery, clearomizer tank, charger, free 10ml juice, case for all. Durable, reliable and simple.

Double Kit only $59.99: two (2) batteries, two (2) tanks, USB-wall-charger, easy-fill bottle, case for all.

All Drip-tip Mouthpieces - $3.99

DFW - 2 FOR $17.99

Sour Watermelon, Sour Raz, JaMakin Me Crazie

HALCYON - 2 FOR $23.99

Tango Down, Cran Ch'i, Apach'i

SEDUCE - 2 FOR $19.99

Snake Oil, Jango, White Walker

COSMIC FOG - 2 for $25.99

Milk & Honey, The Shocker

CUTTWOOD - 2 for $21.99

Sugar Bear, Unicorn Milk

Buy 1 Virgin Vapor 100% Organic Juice Get 1 Free

Buy 1 Five Pawns Get 1 Virgin Vapor Free

Buy 4 Coils get 1 Free - the coil in your tank gets worn out after 1-3 weeks. It is cheap and easy to replace them.  Fight the gurgling, lose that burnt taste, return to that new-vape feeling.

​Grab a nano clearo for just $4.25. Many 2 for 1 clearo deals.

Discounts on all bottles of zero-nicotine e-juice.  Buy cheap and mix flavors.  Steep discounts.

RDAs - We have the affordable Plume Veil and Magma replicas - $34.99, Stillare, 454 Big Block. MECH MODS - We have sweet Caravela replicas - black, gold, copper. Panzer, Nemesis

Intelligent Charger i2 $18.99, Ohm-Readers, Kanthal Wire. XtarVP2 and Xtar4 chargers.

3DVapes keeps QUALITY juice in stock:

Suicide Bunny - Mother's Milk, Suckerpunch 
5 Pawns - Castlelong, Gambit, Grandmaster
Halcyon - Cran Ch'i, Tango Down, Dragon Ch'i
Ruthless - Ez Duz It, Jungle Fever, Mandingo
King's Crown - The King, Fight Your Fate 
Steamjunk - Ghostberry, Summer Bliss
Space Jam - Galactica, Pluto, Eclipse 
100% VG drops - Five Star, 100% Organic - Virgin